Sunday, 21 February 2016

Forward Momentum

Life has been pretty good for me lately. I'm back at university next Monday (not tomorrow) and I've had a decent break from everything.

Last week I got a text from one of my teachers who wanted to know if I'd be a mentor for the first year students. Of course, I debated this for a little while before decided to give it a shot. I mean, yes, I am a shy person and I wouldn't have thought I'd be in any public speaking position but I'm giving it a go. Who knows, this might be something I enjoy!

So we had training all day on Thursday in which we learnt about the services my uni offers, communication skills, dealing with certain interruptions in group conversations and learning various ice breaker games and communication techniques. It wasn't a large group but when I got picked on to answer questions, I kind of flipped. Haha, no wonder I decided to not pursue drama in high school! I'm seriously bad at public speaking and I don't like everyone's attention on me... my heart was practically racing when the experienced mentors were picking people! But it was a wonderful training sesh.

On Friday my sister and I went OP shopping because she needed to get a few bits of clothing for her uni dorm parties. We looked for Hawaiian shirts, tight/bright/shiny clothing, zombie socks and what not. We stopped by a community bookstore and I found my favourite author's books! For $6 each! They sell online for at least $8 plus postage! I purchased 2 books simply because I couldn't remember which ones I had at home already! Whoops! But I will go back and finish my collection!

Today we said bye to my little sister as she embarks on her own little journey a good hours' drive into the country. It was quite the experience, moving into a dormitory. Loads of clothes, books, bathroom essentials and stuff. We spent the morning helping her get her stuff in and then head off for lunch and a parental session on campus life. Honestly, they aimed the talk at newly graduated high school students so my parents and I totally zoned out for most of it haha. They spoke a decent amount on drinking on campus as well as issues arising from feeling like their the only one going through hardship and what not.

I guess the thing that surprised me the most was how casually the second year students handled a snake in the room down the hall from my sister's. They casually reported it to the floor leader who then called security and they caught it together! I know that doesn't seem strange to some of you but where I live, we have no snakes that come onto our property at all! With the exception of one really big snake in the summer of 2009-ish which tried to eat our birds. But it's bizzare... then again she is in a rural area.... Just strange to me haha.

Tomorrow, I introduce a bunch of first years to my own university. I feel weird saying that now because we just left my sister over at another university. But I guess in a way it closes the gap? I guess we'll see how it goes then :D

This semester will be another busy one for me, not as crazy as 2014 though. Hopefully. :D


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