My animals

Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: Sept 2012
Fact/s: Loves to play with water but doesn't like to get wet. She is commonly mistaken for a boy!

Gender: Male
Breed: Rottweiler (suspected Labrador background, possibly grandparent or great-grandparent)
DOB: Apr 2013
Fact/s: Lu is always mistaken for a Labrador! We purchased him from a breeder who claimed he was purebred and that he had a rare coat they called "Ivory". We got to see his parents, littermates, older first cousins (6 months old) and aunts - they're all definitely Rottweilers!

Gender: Hen
Breed: ISA Brown
DOB: Apr 2015
Fact/s: Loves to follow me around the yard, hoping for a worm or two. She helps me weed the garden, digging where I dig.

Gender: Hen
Breed: Barred Utility (Plymouth Rock cross)
DOB: Apr 2015
Fact/s: Martha has taken over as boss. She's always on alert, especially with all the wild bird traffic we get!

Gender: Hen
Breed: Barred Utility (Plymouth Rock cross)
DOB: May 2015
Fact/s: Pat doesn't like too much human interaction. She's the latest and final addition to the chicken family. She tends to flee at the littlest things which makes Martha then Clara follow suit. She looks very similar to Martha but they have almost opposite behaviours.


(Sunny and Bluey pictured)
Breed: Canary
2013-14, Sunny 2012-13
Murdered by Noisy Miners.

(Pictured left to right) SHAR, BEAR, BUNNY
(not pictured) DARKLIGHT, 2 unnamed birds
Breed: Budgerigar
Darklight - 2007-2012
Shar - 2007-2014
Bear + Bunny - 2012-2014
2 Unnamed - 2014-2014
We got Bear and Bunny because Darklight flew away. They managed to escape their cages on separate occasions after we got them a bigger cage. So we got two new birds and a brand new cage. We hadn't even named then when the youngest bird started to "pick up" the food tray. We didn't think much of it but very soon after I found the food door open and all birds gone.

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