About me

Hello readers~

My real name is not what I've got typed here. I change it depending on my mood but it will always begin with an 'A'. Well, for now at least. Feel free to call me by whatever name I've put up at that time. I prefer to be known by a nom de plume (pen name) because I have previously worked in privacy-sensitive faculties and I also like my privacy. However, at the same time I do like to share things. :D

I am a young adult who has experience in the health science and science areas. No matter how much experience I have in these areas, information written on this site does not substitute for professional medical advice. Seek advice from a GP, community healthcare professional or similar if you are unsure if "it" needs medical attention.

My education -
2013 - 2014: Bachelor of Nursing. I did not graduate, I, personally, found that nursing was not for me so I transferred courses.
2015 - present: Bachelor of Science majoring in clinical science.

My writing -
I love to write in my spare time, which I unfortunately do not have much of right now. I'm trying to post on this blog at least once a week, usually on a weekend. Creative writing wise I've had little progress on my scripts because of the time restraints but I do have great plans for them!