Sunday, 3 April 2016

Half way there?

Yep, I didn't post last month at all. Honestly, this blog slipped my mind. I did have free time I just spent most of it on Howrse. Maybe you knew about that - I did manage to reply back to all messages within 12 hours!

Orientation day, a few weeks back, with the mentors went well. I met with a group of first years and we had a good few hours together to get to know the campus and each other. We had a good free sandwich lunch and we held a presentation for the first years. I even met up with a friend I hadn't seen from primary school. She had definitely come a long way since being one of the quiet kids in class. She seemed like she had her life sorted out, unlike me!

I went home that day and had a good long thought about what I was doing in my life and what I wanted to do. I guess I still don't really know. *sigh* At the moment, all I really want to do is get this degree done one way or another. After talking to that friend, I feel like I've 'wasted' a lot of time at university. This is my 4th year at uni and I still haven't gotten past the halfway mark yet. Most of my classmates from high school have graduated their degrees and they've already moved on. A couple of my classmates are even expecting babies in August/September this year! And I'm just sitting here with a load of textbooks, slightly procrastinating while freaking out about how complicated statistics is. *sigh*

On the brighter side, the past 4 weeks of university has been rather kind to me. I've met three wonderful additions to my university friends list and I see them everywhere now! I met them through mentoring and now they're in two of my courses, meaning I see them almost everyday. Two of them were actually selected randomly to be in my group which is another plus. The content this semester has been good and I've managed to keep up with all my classes, except statistics...

One strange thing this semester is the mid-semester break. We get one week off around the halfway mark, usually between week 6 and 7, but this semester it's in between weeks 4 and 5! It's definitely thrown me off! I literally just started working my bum off in a couple of subjects and now that we're just about to start the other 'half semester' I've thrown my study schedule down the drain. Whoops.

It probably didn't help when on Friday night my sister was channel surfing on my tv and she came across an Orphan Black marathon. My sister binged watched this very show in the summer holidays. She literally spent all her time either watching it, eating and watching, sleeping or taking a quick shower. I woke up at 7:30am to find that she went to bed 10 minutes ago. She'd then wake up at 3pm and binge more. Anyway, she forced me to watch three episodes with her, the first three episodes I might add, and I got addicted to it! I stayed up until 3am on Saturday and Sunday watching the marathons. Now I'm tired as heck and I've got class tomorrow morning. But I can't wait until next Friday when the next marathon starts. Haha.

Chill, there's only an exam on Friday in the afternoon. (Side note: why, statistics, do you have to set an exam for Friday 3pm?)

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