Friday, 5 February 2016

Gaming: Early Jan Howrse update

So I've had my VIP account for a good week now and it's been awesome. It's been really time saving and I could definitely see myself using VIP perks while I'm back at University. However, it does cost 10 passes a month so I'd have to 'kill' 10 pass horses a month to keep up.

Also a minus - I've started getting those annoying messages from players asking if I'm selling my Diamond Apple horse, will I join their team or how much they think their horse is worth.... Gah! I've posted on my presentation the answers to most of what they ask but do they read it? No. That is really annoying, especially when I get so many messages in one day!

Just yesterday I tried to update my presentation and I found our that the blacklisted words list has been updated to include 't wat'. I'm thinking, I would never use that word - especially on a site which has a wide community of younger players. So I hit Ctrl+f to find out where it was on my page and I was surprised!

Ha! I've had that 50 questions to get to know me thing on my page for at least 2 weeks now and I go to my page to update my records frequently. That's the first time I've seen that message! I can't update my page until I take out my answer for that question but at the same time I don't want to change my answer! Eh, I guess it can wait.

Another thing that's been annoying me is that every time Howrse has a promotion going on (the current one is 'The Mazes') and they introduce more chances of moving through the promo (the current one is extra candy in Titans Challenge), my internet connection to Howrse is very laggy! It's 10pm and I'm not even done with my first lot of breeding farms when I usually would be finished by now. Every other website that I go to my internet is running at normal speed! Yeah I think I'm just going to give up working my horses tonight. It's too slow to work them properly.

The best thing I'm happy with is my ranking. From being ranked around 1600th at the end of last year, I'm now ranked in the top 810! Now that's what I call progress hahaha!

Ok, I'm off. I'm going to head to bed now since there's not much I can do on Howrse reasonably. Hopefully I won't sleep in so I can get some decent ECs for my foals.... Then again I can always work them the next day instead... -sigh-

Oh! I might do a post on my gaming blog about the current Howrse version - because I hear that Howrse is changing it's layout soon!

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