Sunday, 26 July 2015

Worst end-of-holiday news: Polycystic Ovaries

You are warned: This is a girl-y post from the heart of a, well, girl!

I really don't know how to start this post. Remember how in April I went to the doctor and I got an ultrasound, blood test and CT scan? The CT scan was normal, the blood test came back with raised prolactin, and the ultrasound came back with a "few follicles" on my ovaries. I went to the doctor yesterday to get another check up after my period barely started when it stopped and the doctor diagnosed me with early stage Polycystic Ovaries.

My doctor thinks that because of all the stress from studying, exams and assignments that I've basically screwed up my hormones. But I've been on holidays for a month, away from that stress. Maybe my body hasn't caught up yet... Last time I had a complete menstrual cycle was back in April and my period lasted 3 weeks. I had both very little bleeding and heavy bleeding. My next period was last week (3 months later) and it was very very light bleeding over two and a half days.

A few months ago I was worried so I did some research on what can go wrong and result in screwed up periods. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome did pop up and was one of the few that I knew I had a strong possibility of having. But I never thought I would get diagnosed with it. Looking back to my research, everything fits now. Mostly how depressed I've been feeling about everything. I've found that ever since my best friend left for a different uni and I started working while studying I've been feeling more down than usual. It may have been my realisation that life after high school is almost completely individual or it could have been my hormones since that's around about when other symptoms started.

Looking to the future, I'm really mixed about my feelings. My doctor said Polycystic Ovaries primarily affects fertility but most women are able to conceive naturally. Since I'm 19, I'm not really concerned about having kids but it does make me wonder. It doesn't help that at least one person I'm connected with in social media posts a picture of a baby... Apparently Polycystic Ovaries are associated with diabetes and heart disease which does have me seriously worried. My grandfather got diagnosed with diabetes at the beginning of the year, and I suspect a couple of other relatives have undiagnosed diabetes, and I have a family history of high blood pressure.

Right now, I've really got to get started with something I've been battling with for many many years - weight loss. I've been on the "chubby" side for almost my whole life. When I moved high schools it started getting troublesome and then when I started uni I began a diet which failed miserably. Last year I joined a weight management program online which did help me to lose some weight but I found keeping track of calories quite difficult since it was an American program aimed primarily at Americans - they had different serving sizes to start with! In addition to that, I wasn't cooking my meals, my parents were and I didn't really know everything they put into the dish. When I finally just gave up on the program, things got crazy with uni and I ended up putting on all the weight back PLUS an additional 6kg! Arghhh.

I guess I'm a whole mess about this topic right now. I hope you had a better holiday than me! Well, I'm pretty sure anything would have been better than this.

Ps: My twitter account is currently set to private because of some personal reasons. It'll be back on public in a short while.

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