Tuesday, 16 June 2015

3 exams to go!

Darn pickles! (Haha) It's been a few weeks! I've been keeping busy house-sitting, babysitting and studying for exams that I haven't had time to do anything worthwhile blogging about.

-sigh- Exams are too damn stressful! I finished my first exam yesterday and man, I feel good about my responses for part 2! My next exam is chemistry and guess who spent the day exhausted, lagging behind in the frontal-lobe region and procrastinating? Me!
For non-science/health kiddos, some function the frontal lobe controls are:

  • Attention - Totally zoned out the entire morning and some of the afternoon (Zzz)
  • Problem solving - I couldn't figure out why the kettle wasn't working this morning. After staring at the kettle for about 5 minutes I figured the plug wasn't plugged in properly (Duh!)
  • Social behaviour - Eh, not applicable. Just haven't left home all day today. 
  • Sequencing  - Hmm grabbing a fork for cereal, yet again. Really!? Oh and who knew a little puddle of water is a slip hazard? (Duh!)
  • Motivation - Well, I haven't really done anything today. (Ha!)  And I managed to sleep in for 54 minutes.
  • Movement - Accidentally smacked my hand on the sink then ran into a massive-as crate that's been in that exact location for about 18 years.

Yeah, I've had one of those days today. Oh and my knuckle keeps popping! When I try to grab things I can feel a bit of a resistance (amount depends on what time of day it is - in the morning it's the worst) then a popping sensation. A tip - don't put a stethoscope over it to check the sound of the knuckle.. it's about 100 times louder than what your heartbeat sounds like... almost chilling...
I know I tell everyone to get their issues checked out sooner than later but I'm going to have to take a rain check on a doctors appointment for this. Just until late next week because I'm most likely going to have to have it in a splint for a few weeks. The knuckle is on my right hand and I'm right handed! I need my hand, un-splinted until next Thursday for my last exam!

Uhhh yeah, that's it.

Ps. Wattpad friendlies, I'm going to start posting over my vacation so stay tuned!

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