Saturday, 23 May 2015

Nearing the end of semester!

Thank goodness it's the end! Yet at the same time, oh fudge. I feel like I haven't got my act together since week 4. I've now completed all my chem and biology labs which is a great slab of 5 hours cleared from my schedule.

I didn't get to write last week because I had some written pieces of assessments due while simultaneously taking care of a relative's investment property pool while they were away. Man, it was hard juggling the two since I don't drive and it takes me around 40 minutes to get there. Oh well. As long as my essay was making progress it was all good.

Dippin' my legs in the pool after a hot walk! Pretty chilly...

Exactly how I felt when I finished module 5!

On thursday my workshop was cancelled because my teacher was in hospital. Apparently her entire immediate family had a bad case of food poisoning. What are the chances? :O

Anyone watching Eurovision? It's getting better and better!

Well this week wasn't as eventful with interesting activities. Pretty boring haha.

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