Friday, 8 May 2015

Love Child and essays

Can you believe that season 2 is finally here? I had the choice of writing an essay on climate change due two days later or watch Love Child. Guess which won? Ha. You're probably right. Love Child won. I tried multi-tasking but what can you say? Love Child was too good!

Miranda Tapsell, who plays Martha, won two Logies for Most Popular New Talent and Most Outstanding Newcomer. Congratulations to Miranda! 

The season two premier was awesome! Joan Millar (Jessica Marais - Mistress Denna from Legend of the Seeker) is finally a junior doctor! I won't give out any spoilers but I must say, Every time I see Dr. Patrick McNaughton (Jonathan LaPaglia) I know something's going down! I'm rather starting to strongly dislike him. Matron Frances Bolton (Mandy McElhinney) was on my nerves in season 1 but this season I'm seeing a lot of similarities to one of my old nursing teachers, whom I might add, is rather strict but reasonable. On the other hand I still cannot, and I mean cannot get Rhonda from AAMI's Safe Driver reward program out of my head!!! Haha, Mandy's good! 

One thing I have to say is that the new residents are asses. Taunting Joan like that! And Joan really needs to keep her stuff together if she wants to influence change around Kings Cross Hospital and Stanton House. 

Oh and Matthew Le Nevez from Offspring is coming to Love Child! Can't wait!

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