Monday, 4 May 2015

Crazy week round 2!

Uni was really quiet this week but life outside of uni got pretty crazy! On Tuesday I went to get a CT scan and it was one of the weirdest experiences in my life! They gave me an IV contrast which they warned me beforehand that it would present some side effects. Man they were right! I started with a metallic taste in my mouth then preceded to feel really hot starting from the head down. The procedure itself wasn't too bad. There was a lot of whirling and rotating bits inside the hole.

On Wednesday I got the results from the CT exam. It showed no abnormalities. As a check up I've got to do another blood test in around 2 months time.

Thursday was the start of the massive rainfall we've been having. Mum, dad, grandpa and I went to the rental property to do last-minute checks on it before mum and dad leave for the US. It was the last opportunity to swim so I decided to go swimming. It was cold and raining yet I was in an outdoor pool! It wasn't too cold in the water but when you get out, gravity and the cold hits you like a B! The chlorine killed my hair though. The ends feel so dry! And I still haven't gotten the dry feeling out!

Friday was absolutely pouring! My parents left at 7am to go to the airport. At 10am their flight was delayed until 3:30pm. Then at 3pm they were told that their flight wouldn't be taking off until 10am the next day. So they came back home.

Saturday was so much better in weather - it was still cloudy but with sunny bits in between. My parents flight took off at 10:15 am and my grandpa and I watched the plane take off from the live plane traffic feed online. I had a chemistry exam at 1pm and I think I did ok. I was a little bit stuck on the last question though.

Yesterday was my half day off. I have a 2000 word essay due on Thursday that I needed to start so I ended up watching the TV Week Logies while writing it. Congrats to Miranda Tapsell for winning two Silver Logies! And a big congratulations to Carrie Bickmore for winning the Gold Logie! #beaniesforbraincancer

Yeah, my essay didn't progress very far...

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