Monday, 27 April 2015

Craziest week

Last week at uni has been rather quiet. There were a couple of online assessments I had to do so my teachers had cleared a bit of my timetable. I've been procrastinating with some subjects so last week I caught up in a couple of them. Life outside of uni was pretty darn crazy.

On Thursday morning my grandpa arrived in Australia so we had a family lunch. My two dogs didn't like him as much as we had expected. My Rottweiler liked him as soon as he got treats from grandpa but my German Shepherd didn't like him at all. Today (Monday) the dogs are ok with him but my German Shepherd still growls in complaint or barks in alarm when he comes down the stairs.

On Friday I had to go get an ultrasound. No, I'm not pregnant. The doctor just wanted to see my abdomen area and check up on my ovaries and uterus while they were doing the exam. I had to drink 1L of water in half an hour on a freezing cold morning! It was horrible! My stomach was feeling extremely full around the 750ml mark! I managed to squeeze the rest of the litre down but I was so uncomfortable I was walking around the house clutching my stomach for 20 minutes! Around the 13 minute mark of the 20 minutes, I started getting the urge to pee. I, of course, hold on to my urine but I'm walking uncomfortably around the house.

When we got there, it turned out I booked the appointment at the wrong building - I booked it at the Private Hospital instead of the ultrasound centre across the road. After waddling like a heavily pregnant woman (you have no idea how painful it is to walk normally with the vibrations of every step in your bladder), I arrive just in time for my appointment, they give me a form to fill in and tell me to wait in the waiting room so I'm standing in the corner of the room, absolutely busting to pee. FIFTEEN minutes later, I'm in so much pain to go pee that I'm standing in the corner with tears nearly coming out of my eyes. My mum walks up to the counter and she nearly rages at the lady because I was in so much pain. The lady replies with 'Yes, the ultrasound team know you're here. Just tell her to sit down.".
I'm standing in the corner going, "How the freak so you expect me to sit down with such a full bladder?!". She tells me to sit down again so I do this time and OWWW. It hurt much more sitting down than standing! The only way I'm able to sit down on the chair is when my buttocks are at the front of the seat and I'm leaning all the way back. FIVE more minutes later, just as mum was telling me she was going to pull the plug and take me to the nearest bathroom, the ultrasound lady came for me. Far out she was walking so much faster and I was in so much pain that I was clutching my bladder and waddling.
She starts the ultrasound by seeing how much urine is in my bladder and immediately states "Wow, you're really full" and makes me go to the bathroom to release six seconds worth of urine out. On my return the lady completes the ultrasound then asks me to go to the bathroom to empty my bladder as much as possible. She scans my bladder and kidneys to check they went to normal size before telling me how much was in my bladder. I HAD 790mls WHEN I WALKED IN THERE! To put this into perspective, an average person would start to get the urge to go to the bathroom at 300-400mls. Yeah, I was way over and completely in pain!

I had a doctors appointment today to get the results of the ultrasound and it turns out that the test showed that I had a "few follicles" on my overies but not enough to clinically diagnose my problems. My blood test results came back too and it shows that everything's normal except my prolactin levels, which were a little bit higher than what's normal. So just to check that my pituitary gland is ok, I've got a CT scan tomorrow.

Ahh. Freaking out.

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