Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Blog a Lunch at Uni

Spare break, what do I do? Type a blog post!

Its 12:00 pm as I’m typing this, the buzz of a quiet lunch left behind in the indoor seating area. I’m sitting outdoors, behind the main food buildings, the hum of machines whirring and central air-conditioning working overtime even though it’s winter. Very few people pass, probably not knowing this area exists. Those that do are probably heading to the northern car park. I feel like I’m sitting at the same table a young lady with curly brunette hair, who realistically is sitting at the opposite end of the court.

As I sit here pondering my life choices, my chicken baguette loses its warmth and my can of Pepsi Max loses its fizz. As I type this, my stomach complains and I now I take a large bite out of the baguette. Bad idea. Mayonnaise, richly applied to the lettuce runs down the sides of my mouth. I look to the lady, whom is too busy on her phone to look. Good. Quickly, grab that packet of tissues out of your bag. Shit not there. Oh, there it is. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Crap, a couple of cute guys. Quick, wipe your mouth and look normal.

“Hey there,” the tall one says, “You’ve got a little something… Here, let me help you.”

Yeah. Right. They walk past, too deep in conversation to give me one glance. Ok, back to the baguette. Mm, very nice. I haven’t had one of these in an entire year! Wooowowowow! That chicken is actually spicier than what I remember! Large sip of Pepsi. Ahhhh! That fizz burn on top of a spice burn! Oh gosh, that fizz is heading to my nose! Cue the tears. Tissues, tissues, tissues. There you are.

What’s that lady doing? Still on her phone, good. Phew, what craziness! Oh, here comes a group of three guys. They take a seat three tables away from me, taking in their own language. Speaking of other languages, I’ve got to ask Jess if she’s taking Spanish next year.  Might do it with her. Ok, time to finish my baguette. Be right back.

Ah, that hit the spot. “Spot” being my previously empty stomach. Nice and full. Man, I really miss my nursing cohort. I saw two of them this morning but they were in a rush to get somewhere and I was about to enter a lecture theatre. I need a catch up with them. What of my Science cohort, I hear you ask. Well, the thing is, most of them are newly graduated high school kids, with masses of friends already. I guess I feel like I don’t belong with them and GOD DAMMIT. Some guy just walks out and sits next to me and he’s got KFC. CURSE THE WIND AND THAT BOX OF DELICIOUS-SMELLING KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN. 
What was I saying? Right, most of the kids are concentrating on making and keeping friends. Since I've “wasted” a year and a half on nursing, I don’t really want to make more friends, I’d rather quickly finish the damn degree as fast as damn possible.

Oh and on that note of degrees, what the hell do I think I’m doing? Science? Really? Well, you’ve got yourself in a darn fine mess now, haven’t you? Good work, after barely scraping off passing the previous chem course, you've got chem 2, biochem and genetics to deal with on the same plate! Great work. 

Well that's the end of my break,

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