Saturday, 14 March 2015

Second week of uni

Whoo! End of week two! We're finally starting to get somewhere! This week has mainly been a breeze. I had the same schedule as last week but an extra class on Thursday morning. This week I've started to become a little slack... I didn't pre-read any of the lectures and I ended up skipping a chemistry lecture.

To be honest, the lecture was an "interactive" lecture - you have to connect to a site where they ask quiz-like questions and if the majority of the group get the question wrong the lecturer goes over the topic again. The questions were taken straight from our workbooks and I had just finished my chemistry tutorial class where my teacher had just gone through the questions. So I skipped the lecture.

Last night I was looking through the chemistry and human biology lab booklets and it flipped me out. For chemistry we have five labs during the semester and the last few experiments make me feel as though I should really get my act together and study like 3 weeks in advance... It's on exothermic/endothermic reactions and other stuff that require quite some calculations :/

For human biology it doesn't look too bad but I flipped to the back of the course notes to where the lecturer said there would be lab questions... but I didn't see any... Maybe I didn't have the right page but I found "problem solving" questions. I must say I swear those questions are aimed at the medical students.
The first question was about what goes through your head when you see an elderly gentleman staggering and swaying around then collapsing in the middle of a mall. I have no idea what this course is expecting me to think because we haven't even touched anything to do with the working of a human body! But because of my nursing background, my head is screaming diabetes or he's having some sort of cardiac arrhythmia. On the other hand, my friend's (who has never done any type of health science and she's come straight from high school) first reaction was "That drunk bastard! In a shopping mall too!" That got me cracking up. I read further down and the gentleman gets blood tests. His glucose levels are through the roof! I was right! :D

This semester is sure going to be tough! Lab classes start next week. Hopefully it isn't as hard as I'm imagining it to be :/

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