Friday, 27 March 2015

Week 4 of uni

Well two weeks have flown by so fast! I didn't post last week because I was in the middle of juggling seven online assessments, one in-class multi-choice exam, one lab report and I had to help my parents sort out their visas since they're going overseas soon. What a busy two weeks!

This week has hit me hard because I had appointments during a couple of my lectures so I was unable to attend them in person. Unfortunately I was unable to catch up in time for my workshop so I was left stunned at the workshop questions. Yes, I know we're meant to do the pre-reading and my workshop teacher encourages us to attempt the questions beforehand but I've had a week where I've had to rearrange my scheduling completely.

It's been frustrating trying to break my old habits too! I realised in the middle of this week that I had fallen into my old high school habits. Back then I had six subjects to juggle and I constantly pushed chemistry and maths to the back of the line. It didn't help that I was taking art. That subject was hella time consuming! Now in uni in the last two weeks I've definitely pushed chemistry to the end of the line. Yet again. Bugger.

Next week's chemistry lab is titrations! I'm a little freaked out because I haven't done a titration by myself. I always had a lab partner for all my labs and when we did titrations in high school we did it as a group project. I'm really worried at the mathematics behind the titrations too. I mean, I was definitely in the lower half of my chem class back in high school. Ahhh. Don't even get me started on what we're doing in our bio lab. I have not got a clue yet.

Back to this week, we had a discussion about sustainable materials in... well... environmental sustainability. We were talking about how our university encourages recycling of paper materials, batteries, phones etc and how they built an entire building centred around sustainable materials. Now as my lecturer was talking about the building and how they can cater for meeting rooms and also have informative sustainability programs for kids, my mind was whirling. I had been to that exact building nine years ago! My grade six teacher, who is a strong advocate for animal rights and the protection of the environment, had organised an excursion to the facility to get hands on experience on waterways management! I had participated in one of their sustainability programs! Wow, talk about "when things come together". /End memory rant/

Gotta stay positive,

Ps. Whenever I have more time, I'm going to post a info article on pressure areas. I still need to finish writing it though.

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