Saturday, 7 March 2015

First week of University!

That was the end of week one! Honestly I feel it wasn't too bad but I'm also thinking that I'm going to need some extra study or help in the next few weeks... This semester I'm taking four subjects and I feel as though some require less study than others. I have a great timetable this semester and the only reason why is because I transferred degrees and I was allowed to make my schedule while the high school graduates were... well, graduating. Speaking of which, my class is full of OP 1-5s!!! Freaking out that I'm going to be compared to the high achievers! Oh and we have a lot of aviators in my human biology lecture. Can't wait until they bring out their uniform! ;)

Intro into Environmental Sustainability
From the week 1 lecture, I feel as though this subject is the closest to a bludge subject I have this semester. There was a two hour long lecture session and that was it for this week. I guess the department has realised it's "a bit too easy" so they've made it compulsory to attend a one hour tutorial session. Oh and not to mention every tutorial has a "quiz" which is worth 3% of your grade. Greaaaatttt.

Human Biology
Well this course is like a refresher course for me since I've taken Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) 1, A&P 2 as well as Medical-Surgical Clients which had a anatomy component to it. On the other hand, this lecturer gives more detail on the cytology side of it. For example, we were taught in A&P that red blood cells are concave in shape because it increases their surface area and therefore be able to absorb more oxygen. In human biology we were taught that once red blood cells leave the bone marrow they "spat" out their nucleus and because of this they only live for 120 days. Similar yet different. This lecturer seems to explain things better than my A&P lecturer (yes I had the same lecturer over three subjects) and my current lecturer makes jokes quite a bit which is refreshing.

Biological Systems
This subject is basically high school biology. So far anyway. I might have to go back to refresh my memory on bits and pieces but other than that, this course is pretty simple to follow. This subject also crosses over to human biology. I literally had one hour of human biology followed by an hour of biological systems which then led into another hour of human biology. That was three hours of repeating the same thing! Thankfully they separate into different areas in a few weeks.

"Whaaaat? Chem again? I thought you strongly disliked it!"
Well, uh, yeah. It's a compulsory subject. Fortunately I'm not the only one who hasn't done chemistry... well not in a while in my case. Unfortunately I felt a complete noob in my tutorial class. We were told to take a non-graded mini exam to "give our lecturer an example of what we know". Let me just say out of the 10 questions the exam was out of... The only ONE question I was 100% sure I got right was asking the chemical symbol for potassium. Haha, I used it in nursing I sure as hell better remember what the symbol of potassium is!

-Sigh- Better go do some studying

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