Monday, 2 March 2015

Devi's Ranch: A Fantasical Journey

Before we start: This is a work of fiction. Images do not belong to me. All images were found using an image search engine. Credit to all original owners.

One last look at the city, where I've grown up.
Long way to go!

Nearly half way there!

Getting close!
Almost there!
It's been a long drive but we're finally at Devi's Ranch!
Kibba's come to have a look!
Sandy's also checking me out!
Pretty decent room, if you ask me. Definitely bigger than my last!
The resident Friesian, Boj. Handsome, isn't he?
The herd of Boer Goats! Aren't they cute? They may be, but don't get too close! Some are grumpy!
Archie with the kids! He's a great herd protector!
The neighbour's cattle!
Some of the boarders of Devi's Ranch! 
New wing attached to the boarder stalls. 
New barn for the permanent residents
Isn't Abby Carter pretty?
Mexican Diva grazing.
The lake's a bit small this year. Diva's amazing to ride!
Looks like I got a bit lost.. Oh well makes a pretty picture!
Trail with Remi, Tessa and Rusty
I spot the road!
Mmm. Lovely dinner to end the day!

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