Sunday, 1 March 2015

University Blues

Well, tomorrow's my first day back at university! I can't believe my leave of absence flew by so fast! For those of you who have just joined in, I was a nursing student since 2013. A couple of weeks into semester two 2014, I decided to leave because nursing was not "my thing" as people say. I took a leave of absence from uni to decide what to do next. I chose science because it's the closest thing my uni offered that was close to one thing I enjoyed in high school - biology. I really really enjoyed high school biology (especially in yr 11& 12) and I can spend hours upon hours watching nature documentaries.

Unfortunately my science course seems more chemistry orientated... And lets not go there with my high school grade with that subject!  I guess this is why I'm dreading my 2pm lecture tomorrow... It's chemistry! With someone named M.Williams! Let me just say I did have a teacher named Williams in high school chemistry... That year I had the worst grades in that subject I ever had, so bad that the teacher recommended that I don't continue next year.

I looked at the course outline for my program and I'm praying to the Creator that I pass with decent grades this year! Why? Because if all else fails and I absolutely dread this course then I can at least transfer at the end of the year again.
The assessment pieces sound like they need a lot of work! More work than nursing! D:


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