Thursday, 11 July 2013

LotS: Kahlan Amnell/ Bridget Regan

Kahlan Amnell played by the wonderful Bridget Regan! I think Bridget did an awesome job with portraying Kahlan. I seriously can't imagine anyone else playing Kahlan.

In Legend of the Seeker, I looooveeee Kahlan. She's a great fighter, she has cool Mother Confessor powers, she is just a great character! I loved that I got really attached to Kahlan and her love for Richard. I could really tell and feel her emotions towards Richard and the hard times Kahlan went through. I've also got to admit, Bridget's acting had me in tears countless times during the entire two seasons (so far!).

To be honest, I thought that LotS was copying so much of shows like the BBC Robin Hood and movies like Eragon that I was going to stop watching in various parts of the show but what dragged me through the series was me wanting to find out what happens between Kahlan and Richard!

Watch out! Bad ass Kahlan coming through!
Again, as with Richard Cypher, I didn't really like Kahlan in the books.Within LotS I could tell that Kahlan really wanted protect her people as well as be with her love Richard. Within the books mostly I could only tell she loved Richard beyond reasoning. Only in Stone of Tears, I started to see the Mother Confessor I saw in LotS.

I'm excited for the new shows Bridget's going to be in/ is in :) And of course, as I'm in Australia, I haven't yet seen 'Murder in Manhattan' and I'm still catching up on Beauty and the Beast.
Oh! I've got to add! I was very surprised to find out Bridget's a natural red-head! Wow! Her hair looks very natural in LotS and I must say, I wasn't paying too much attention to her freckles.

You're awesome Bridget!

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  1. Sorry for the english by google

    Impossible not to fall by history, could only watch in 2014. I am now coming to the end of the season and every episode am distressed because it is coming to an end.

    Should have a movie.

    And I understand what you said, it's easy to create a connection with Kahlan.