Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Month Holiday!

Hehe~ Can't believe that semester at university went so fast! Wow... But now I have a month long holiday to enjoy before starting semester 2. Unfortunately I have to do a few things for university during that time :(

This week... Nothing big is going on this week. My sister has invited me out to see Monsters University. Hehe~ I feel like such a child! These days I don't feel like there's good movies coming out for some reason... I'd rather watch tv shows than the movies in cinemas now.
Next week however, my puppy's getting neutered. Ha! Which means my mum raging at me for no particular reason and being grounded for that week - just so mum can have someone at home to 'take care' of the pup.

And now that leads me to the next thing on my agenda. Why do some people have to be so controlling? My mum has been really controlling back in high school but now that I've graduated and started university, she has given me a little more freedom. However, she still expects me to do things at specific times and whenever she wants something (even though I'm in the middle of something else) she expects me to do it at that moment. Including getting my first aid certificate. I can't just get that on the spot but she expects me to. And when I told her 2 of my friends had already gotten it, she went on a rant on how I was going to fail the course - even though all the certificate is due in a little over a month.
Now you're probably thinking, I'm the type of person who leave things to the last minute. Well I'm not. I've already gotten my blue card 4 months ago and that's due the same time as the certificate. And I never leave work to the last minute either. Argh. I'm just really annoyed these days because of her.

Oh! I might be heading to Sydney for a few days in October! WHOO~ I've always wanted to head to Sydney but never had the opportunity. And speaking of my controlling mother, I'll be 18 by the time we go there but I'm not allowed to stay longer than 3 days - the number of days before she has to go back to work.  I have friends I've known quite well who live in Sydney now and they are 19 and 18 but she won't let me stay with them, as she is such a control freak. Great mum isn't she?
And while I'm at how controlling she is, she has never let me sleep over at someone else's house and never had a birthday party (I've only had a couple which my friends have set up).

Hope you don't have a controlling mum like me! (It's really horrible)

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