Thursday, 23 May 2013

LotS: Richard Cypher/ Craig Horner

Richard Cypher, played by the Brissy boy Craig Horner! Haha yeah, I have a bit of a fan-girl crush on Craig :) And he's from Brisbane! :P

In Legend of the Seeker, Richard is an awesome character. I liked how his character has evolved in personality from the beginning of season 1 to the end of season 2. And how he wants to save the people from danger. Though sometimes I think that he has too many hurdles in his path to get to the task he set out on. :\

Craig Horner has a cute smile :)

However, within the books, Richard seems like a complete different character. I know that the author of the books, Terry Goodkind, told his fans to expect a complete different story but Richard in the book sometimes annoys me. The actions he does often makes me wonder if he really is the same character. Other than that, he expresses his love for Kahlan a little more explicitly than the LotS. Oh, I have to add, I saw the tv show first then read the books. I haven't yet finished the books yet :)

And now finishing off with pictures of Craig Horner! :P I can't believe he was in H2O: Just Add Water as well as Blue Water High! When I was younger I loved both of them! Unfortunately, I grew out of those shows before Craig came on. :(

Guest starring in H2O Just Add Water
Blue Water High boy!

Aww these two (H) Craig Horner and Bridget Regan

That's it for now~

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