Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Robin Hood

My childhood favourite, the BBC Robin Hood! I loved this show! I'm not completely sure why, but I did like watching Robin (Jonas Armstrong) and Marian (Lucy Griffith). I guess Robin Hood was one of the first shows I followed closely. I never liked the other shows on tv but every time Robin Hood was on, I'd be watching it.

I didn't watch the show in order from season 1 through to season 3 but I did get started around early-mid season 1 then I followed through.

This would have been around 2007 when I started watching Robin Hood and I must add, I never got addicted to tv shows. Robin Hood was really really good in my eyes. I loved Robin, Marian, Much Little John, Allen A Dale and the rest of the gang. To be honest, it's the only Robin Hood show or movie that I've stayed loyal to. The other Robin Hood shows are... too violent or I don't feel a connection to them. This show has the right balance of justice, humour, drama and sword fight. And their accents! I was amused by their accents as well. Not any more as I've grown accustomed to different accents over the years but back in the day... haha.

The pilot. One of the latter episodes I watched but I thought it was interesting. I loved Marian in this episode. Her attitude is on the funny side, an attitude I still love watching the pilot just recently. Haha, I've always loved her line, "Grow up!". Robin on the other hand, I didn't like so much in this episode. Not 100% why. I guess it's because of his attitude which came through stronger...

Now, for the down side. After Marian died, at the hand of Sir Guy of Gisbourne in season 2, the show began it's... tumble....Most of the reason to why I watched Robin Hood was because of Marian and after her death I didn't feel as though the show was right. I ended up watching a couple of episodes of season three but I just didn't like it. And I didn't really like Kate either... I was too loyal to Marian.

Did anyone else watch this Robin Hood when they were younger (or still do)?

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