Sunday, 5 May 2013

Something creepy is going on...

Ok so it's 9:00 pm. I'm sitting at my computer right this very moment and my dog goes off crazy barking. I look at what she's interested in and it's this 40-ish year old man walking his Maltese-looking dog. AT 9 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT. That may be normal in some places but on my street, that is VERY VERY abnormal. The latest anyone walks their dog around my street is 6 pm. Not only that, about 5 minutes ago someone parks their car right in-front of my house gets out to do something I can't see then drives off. And that wasn't the strangest thing that happened tonight. Around 6 pm, I return from walking the dog to find a black car being driven up and down my street. It parked in the same spot as the one 5 minutes ago then continued to pass up and down my street. Legit. The neighbours across the road got suspicious about it too. By the way, driver, I have your rego number down. What is going on?!?!

In other news, uni life has taken it's toll. -sigh- so much work to do and not enough time!! And I'm so freaking tired! :\ I've got my end of semester exams coming up and I'm freaking out about the workload I have to memorise! :(
Howrse has been put on hold and my IN account is not frequently active. Howrse news: I got my first wild horse! Whoo~ Been waiting patiently for the perfect time to get a wild one! :) All breeding have been postponed until I have more time. Yes, I know my rankings have fallen and will continue to fall until I have more time to do something about it. My EC is still opened to the public but carrot numbers are falling and I am trying to up my equus before I get more stalls and hire staff.
IN: To my ASS family (Yes, it is an unfortunate acronym) I always miss the house meetings because of MASSIVE time difference. Most you you are in America but I'm in Australia. That means that when you guys are online about to go to bed, I'm at university or at work. :( I'm also training as hard as I can but I run out of VV so fast! And I'm supposed to be studying 40 hours a week but I haven't.... :( To be honest, the higher prices of dues doesn't help either. I thought it would have helped but for me, it's just given me a hard to to keep up with other stuff. This week I only had 13 VV in total and the dues are 10 so it didn't help my power training.

Oh! And my meet up with my old friend! It went really really well. I, as usual, cracked her up until she "got abs". Haha~ Man, she's practically the same as back in the old days! Hehe~

Keep drinking that coffee!

Ps. Soz for errors, this wasn't edited... And I'm getting pretty exhausted...

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