Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easter Holidays

So it's now...  a few days over half way through my Easter Holidays and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Two assignments still sit untouched and I haven't studied for all 4 exams. Ahh!!! Time to panic!!

On the other hand, my holidays have been great! I had a lovely catch up lunch with my entire group at the Stamford Hotel, worked on Sunday and Monday, relaxed on Tuesday and finally went shopping with my mum and got Legend of the Seeker on DVD! I couldn't believe it! LotS has been cancelled for a few years and it's not exactly mainstream in Australia. Plus, it's not on national television - I hear it was on Foxtel a few years back. Ahh! Fan-girling all over! I've had LotS mini marathons going all day yesterday and more to come over the rest of this Easter holiday~

Has anyone one seen "Game of Thrones"? I've been hearing about it for quite a while now but I haven't actually watched an episode... Those who I've talked to about the show say it's good. I might just watch one keke~ And maybe a review? Maybe...
Oh!! And speaking of reviews, remember my Beauty and the Beast rant? I've another plus to add to it! Bridget Regan who played the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell in Legend of the Seeker is also in the latest episodes that aired in America! I haven't seen them yet so don't spoil it!

Howrse: Yes, I seem to have a Howrse section for each blog
I feel like i have too many horses.... so Barn Sale!!!
I've recently started continuing from my old Unicorn breeding farm. I've purchased a Shetland Uni and she is of age to breed so expect some little Uni's from her soon! This week's new foals are: Maple, Gibbson and Princess Lolita. They are NOT for sale at this moment. Do you remember when I couldn't stop talking about one of my first unicorns? Well "Рẽпđгαğôŋ" is now up for sale on my cousin's account! Yes, I ended up selling him to my cousin.
Purebred Spanish Horse breeding is falling a bit behind in rankings, mostly due to my attention in my Donkey breeding farm. I am willing to sell all foals born before March 2013 (Yes, all but they have to be FOALS aka still have a foal picture). There's around 12 of them, mostly colts. In addition to those 12, all PSH Stallions and colts will be up for sale except "PF S Jeremy". GP ranges from 875 - 1388 and prices vary depending on age of the horse. PM me and we can negotiate the price. For those who which to purchase more than one, I am willing to make a bargain.
Stallions and colts are up for sale. GP ranges from 738 - 1788. Price is negotiable.
Looking for 2 male colts, preferably with a GP higher than 310.

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