Monday, 25 March 2013

Annoying Little...

ARGH. How annoying are some advertisements these days?? -sigh- I mean, I know they've got to make it stick in someone's head or persuade them to purchase the product but seriously??? And showing the same exact ad only one ad apart? ARGH.

One I just heard on television - yes, heard. I was doing a bit of writing so I was listening to it. It's verbal script went like this:
"Lady one: Hello my son is-
Lady two: 8 months pregnant, should I-
Lady three: -put a spider under his bed?"
I'm sitting at my desk, confused as crap and I'm imagining a 5 year old boy pregnant and his mother putting a spider under his bed. How mother freaking stupid/crazy/****ed up is that?!?!

Argh. I hate ads! For a 1 hour show, 15 minutes is ads. 15 MINUTES!! -Sigh-

Howrse: C.Lance's covering went up later than expected. The next two will be within the timeslot (Refer to Friday's post).

Don't give me ads.

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