Saturday, 23 March 2013

Past Week

-Sighh- Wow. What a week this has been since last Friday. Heaps of assessment was due on Wednesday and I've kind of been procrastinating the last couple of days... hehe...

I don't know about you guys but at my place, there's been A LOT of Cane Toads around these days. We used to get them around once every 6 years or more. Since last Thursday, I personally caught 2!! I predict there be another one next week. I really hope my puppy won't find it first :S

Guys who know me in real life - remind me not to re-watch Legend of the Seeker at least until the holidays. I ended up watching two episodes in one night and I had tears streaming down my face. I just had to watch the most emotional episodes. I just had to. Want to know which episodes? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway. S01E22 'Reckoning' and S02E04 'Touched'.
Keep pressuring me to write the speech. I think I need the push, brohs!!

I'm looking forward to seeing all my high school buddies next Friday! Yes, it's Good Friday but it's one of my friend's birthday and she's managed to book us at a restaurant :D Can't wait to see them all together! Last time I saw them it would have been.... Dee's birthday back in January! And on another note, I'm also excited to see one of my oldest friends next Wednesday! We're going back to a place where we used to go as young, very young kids!!

Howrse update:
Looking for 2 male Donkeys around 1 year old with a GP higher than 310, willing pay around 500e and 1 pass. Not Urgent. C.Lance will be available for public covering from the 24/3 - 26/3 once a day usually between 6:00pm - 7:30pm AEST. Reservations allowed, PM me.
Unicorn breeding (Chincoteague Pony only) will be resuming next week for the duration of the Easter holiday break.

Wow... Speaking of procrastinating, I've had this page open in a tab for the last 3 hours... haha...

Now finishing off with a couple of quotes from LotS
"Tell him that his own Confessor never stopped loving him, and that if he can't undo the magic, if he can't return to her then, she'll be waiting for him in the Underworld, forever." - Kahlan S01E22

Renn: Why don't you tell her how you feel?
Richard: It's complicated. You'll understand when you're an adult some day.
Renn: It's not complicated. You're afraid she doesn't feel the same. But you don't need to be afraid. She feels the same.

Now really. Stop procrastinating.

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