Thursday, 21 March 2013

Short Easter Holiday!

WHOO~ My holidays officially started on Wednesday afternoon. But unfortunately it's only a week and a bit long. And I have to do my assignments. -sigh-. First thing on my agenda? Catch up with the new-er Castle episodes!!! I haven't seen the ones where Alexis is kidnapped and all the other ones after that...

Script update - I'm feeling pretty good about the current introduction. :D There are still a couple of paths I want to take but it's been narrowing down to specifics so yepyep! happy~

And now this is going to turn into a Howrse rant.
So I put up around 6 horses up for auction the other day and today, when I logged in I got the shock of my life. I had an additional 25 700e in my game. The horses I did put up for sale were worth around 1 000 - 2 000e each. Some crazy as player bid 20 000e on a foal that was probably worth only 1 100 max. Then, curious as to why this player bid so high, I check out the foals' page to see if I missed something and the players' page. Who ever they are put the foal in the Safe Haven and they left the game. I mean, thank you for your money whoever you are but buying a foal for that much then sending them off to Safe Haven is a bit harsh. And I'd imagine bidding that much on a horse would make you pretty much broke. In this situation, I would have been pretty happy to buy back the horse for the same amount of money you purchased it.
In other news, there are no current Donkey studs as the males are too young at this moment. Unicorn breeding will start up again for the duration of my week long holiday.

OHH!! And happy 18th birthday R-Bex and Xtine!! Hope they were wonderful!

Excited for Mini Castle marathon tomorrow!

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