Friday, 15 March 2013

Uni week 3

-sigh- FINALLY the end of week 3 at university. This week has been a batch of crazy events glued to the end of the other. Two of my birds died on different days from a mysteries predator, my puppy had two close calls, one to my asshole sister leaving chocolate out and the other because there was a Cane Toad in the yard. Today was the only day of the weekday nothing really happened. But I'm glad of that :)

So. It's Friday night and there's not much to do... not really. I want to take a break tonight but I've done A LOT of procrastinating this week. From going on Howrse to Facebook, I've practically done it all. Yep. And that means I'm behind in basically all my subjects. Whoo~ Not really. I've got an online quiz to complete, 2 assignments to finish by Wednesday and a group assignment to collaborate and present by Wednesday in week 5.

-extra long sigh- I'm going to take this break seriously and get my script under way because I've had this massive idea stuck in my head for a couple of nights but I haven't been able to type it yet. I'm still not sure which path I want to take but there's this part I'm keen on keeping. Excited!

Howrse update (for those who play):
I don't have any public coverings for donkeys at this moment. The next donkey covering will be on the 24th, 25th and 26th of March 2013 from "C. Lance".
I'm also selling two Donkey colts -
C. Danny - 1 year old Donkey colt. All 3 covers available, 308.84GP. 800e and 1 pass, Direct sale.
C. Nathaniel - Few hrs old Donkey colt. All 3 covers available, 307.97GP. 800e and 1 pass, Direct Sale.

I'm also considering joining a Donkey Breeding group. PM me as I would like to know your group's 'terms and conditions' so to speak. Please provide: the name of the group, the groups' foundation member and the number of members.

Don't procrastinate - it doesn't help,

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