Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Script!!!

Ok so the last few days I've mainly been Howrse-ing and continuing my script, RH.
RH has been practically re-written from the start as the intro was taking too long and it didn't reel right. Now that I've re-done the beginning, I'm a little stuck on ideas. I've got a pretty basic plan constructed but that's more towards the complication and there isn't really a bridge between the intro and the complication. So I was staring at my screen for about 2hrs thinking but alas, no answer. However, I did come up with another story. *insert raised eyebrows*. I think in my past posts I mentioned how buggered I am with the ending of Legend of the Seeker (if I didn't then here it is: LotS ending - ARGHHH). I was thinking... what would happen to the Midlands since Darken Rahl is back? And that's what started it. Not giving much away at this moment because it's in planning and may change dramatically. And yes, I know (of) the ending in the books - which I'm in the progress of reading.

Howrse - I reached something like 5981th in rankings. Whoo~
To those who know me on Howrse, from now until the Easter holidays I will not be on regularly. Yes, I will be on to continue my PSH and Friesian breeding but all Unicorn breeding will be postponed until further notice. Breeding of all other breeds will most likely be pushed back due to time restraints. Donkey breeding will continue like PSH and Friesian breeding, public coverings may be available as early as 12/3/13. PM me as I need to know numbers of those interested and we can discuss price.  Check my profile page for more up-to-date information regarding breeding.

Not sure how often I can post after tomorrow as I start university! For those who know me in real life, my timetable is almost totally bonkers. I will be at uni Monday to Friday but my classes are not consistent.

Pumped for the start of university tomorrow!

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