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Legend of the Seeker

13/2/13 1:33PM - Finished watching Legend of the Seeker. Both two seasons finished in 5 days.

CAUTION: Spoilers!

Legend of the Seeker. Where do I begin? Within the series, I see a bit of Eragon, Robin Hood and a touch of something familiar. Can't put my finger on it. Basically Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell (portrayed by Bridget Regan) sets out to find the Seeker, Richard Cypher (portrayed by Craig Horner). The wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander aka "Zedd" (portrayed by Bruce Spence) never told Richard that he was the one true Seeker so after a bit of an argument with the Mother Confessor and the Wizard, they set out to kill the most evil mastermind, Darken Rahl (portrayed by Craig Parker).

The pilot was rather... oh-not-this-type-of-thing-again but also had a what's-gonna-happen-next to it. But I saw a lot of Eragon. A boy not knowing his true linage and not knowing that he was about to change history, man, copy much! Then a female companion who follows and protects the boy. But then again this type of genre does have that type of element to it.

One thing in the first season and again in the second was that there were tonnes of obstacles in the way. Season 1 objective was to kill Darken Rahl, which was eventually done after all the little stops along the way.   To be honest, after the first couple of episodes, I thought that the entire two seasons were dedicated to killing Rahl. Fortunately he was killed in the season 1 finale. Unfortunately, the Seeker's job wasn't done as he caused a tear in the veil that separates the world of the living from the Underworld. The Keeper of the Underworld makes Rahl his trusted servant which then causes mass hysteria in the land of the living. And more unfortunately, Rahl's spirit is placed in another's body which brings him back to the living. Richard, Kahlan, Zedd and new addition Mord-Sith Cara (portrayed by Tabrett Bethell) then go on to find the Stone of Tears to fix the massive crack in the ground.There is a lot of people being trapped in places too. Let me see... from memory, it is the Mother Confessor herself who gets into quite a lot of traps.

There are clothing changes that don't seem in place. Cara has about 3 clothing changes in the entire time she was on - her Mord-Sith clothing while under the command of Darken Rahl, Mod-Sith clothing while fighting along side Richard and the dress she wore while impersonating a Princess. Oh Cara, you were so... hilariously awkward.
Under Darken Rahl

Fighting with Richard
Impersonating a Princess
Zedd and Richard had like two changes. One when they are on the quest and another while they were impersonating the Princesses' brother (Richard) and the Aunt of the Princess (Zedd). Zedd, you were absolutely amazingly freaking hilarious as the aunt.
Richard impersonating a Prince
Zedd's normal costume
Zedd as an aunt of a Princess

On the other hand, Kahlan changes clothes, almost seeming randomly. She has a white dress which she wears the most, a green dress that came up a few times, a brown dress that turned up sometimes and a black one that reveals her legs which appeared a lot more in season two. Oh and she also impersonated a Mord-Sith. I nearly did pass her off as evil.
Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell Dresses
Kahlan as a Mord-Sith
In the pilot, Kahlan raced off on horseback to a fight wearing a brown dress the next scene, she is fighting in a white dress... I don't think she can change that fast, especially to fight and all those laces!

The scenery was pretty amazing. I loved the forest and I found myself thinking, if I was there, I'd loose myself.  However, I did see a video on YouTube and they said that they did use real trees but some forests were not real. After that I did notice a few forests that didn't look right. I think it may have been the lighting. Wizard's fire was too CGI for me as was the magical valley that contained the Stone of Tears. But the CGI for the tear in the ground and green flames licking the air was pretty good!

The action scenes are good - there's a lot of them and I must day, both Kahlan and Richard have good reflexes with things being thrown at them. Yes, I know it's choreographed but come on, it's the thought that counts. The way they found out that they had feelings for each other was hilarious. A young boy named "The Listener" who can read minds told them separately that the other likes them. It was funny on screen, through my words, not really.

As the storyline moves on, I found myself getting attached to Kahlan and Richard, hoping that none die and one day find a way to be together without her powers confessing Richard. Yes, I have to admit - by the middle of season 1, they had become my OTP (sorry Caskett!).

I really wanted to know how the Seeker defeats evil but unfortunately the series was cut after season 2. Someone out there, please pick up the series with the same actors/actresses if possible. It isn't finished, Darken Rahl is still alive and now he wishes to kill Richard. I believe with the right storyline, this series will become a hit. If that is not possible, then an additional two episodes, just to finish up loose ends.

Please pick up the series,

PS. No pictures belong to me.

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