Monday, 25 February 2013

First Day Uni

Ok so today was the first day of University. It wasn't the best start to Uni life but what can you say, it'll only be better from now on. Well I hope so anyway.... Puppy woke me up at 6AM. Ended up getting 20 more minutes then I got up. Lectures ran from 9:00 - 3:50 but in that time, I got a massive headache, drenched my shoes three times, and it wouldn't stop pouring rain. After Uni I got stuck in traffic and burnt my tongue on a hot chip. :\

Today I also realised how important nurses are to the world in general. Wow. Never knew they played such a big part!!!

Missing my holidays already!!! Wish I did more writing :S I know this is short but I had a long, pretty much uneventful day.

Looking forward to the one lecture tomorrow! HAHA...

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