Sunday, 3 March 2013

Can't... Decide...

Ok so I REALLY can't decide weather or not to continue RH or my new script.  With RH I'm still re-writing parts but I've also got new sections as well that I haven't added to my computer, some of which I really want to finish. On the other hand, my new script has a few leads but I'm still deciding the path I will take. Hmmm...
Getting inspiration from FanFictions. In particular, I'm looking for LotS FanFics that follow similar to the tv series. I don't mind if they do have weird/wacky and wonderful new creatures and characters but what I really do not want to read at this moment is Kahlan/Cara ships. Any other ships are ok. Does anyone know of any good ones?

In real-life-news I've already got assignments from university so I will probably be blogging about once a week, usually on the weekend. And... I got a rat dissection on Wednesday!!! Not sure if I should be freaking out or pumped! Everyone will be getting a specimen! :S Haha, I will have a gruesome post about that! xD

To those who know/ know of me on Howrse: I will happily help other players but I do not help those who PM me saying something on the lines of "Please help me get a Divine horse by bidding higher than what my horse is worth in auction." or "Please buy my horse for 500e and 1 pass. I'm saving up for a Divine horse.". You will most likely be ignored. This is going to come out really blunt but if your horse is not selling in auctions, it most likely because your horse is not worth that much. Players don't buy horses that are pricey as 1 - they're not worth it and 2 - because everything else in the game has gone up in price. Divine horses are supposed to be rare and special, I have 450+ days seniority and I don't have one. If you really wanted one, spend some real money on it instead of going around asking for some cheap cash.
On a brighter note, I have two male donkey foals that I'm willing to sell for around 30 000e each or they will be offering coverings around the 17/3. I also have 2 donkey stallions and 2 donkey mares, all retired from breeding that I'm willing to sell for around 15 000e each.

Peace out.

PS. Please excuse my sentences if they are a little BLEH today - it's getting late.

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