Monday, 4 February 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Have any of you guys seen the new TV show "Beauty and the Beast" starring Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan and Max Brown? I saw the first two episodes online and that it was interesting in a sense but I felt like I was watching cross over fan fiction. It was refreshing to see the classic Beauty and the Beast reconstructed into a modern city with a determined female detective and an apparently not-so-dead ex army guy. And to be honest, I was pumped about Kristin Kreuk playing Detective Catherine Chandler. I mean, it brought back those long lost memories of Smallville. Not the episodes from 2011 but the ones from like.... 2004.

Keller and Chandler

So after revisiting the past, I naturally get myself comfortable and enjoy the show. Unfortunately, instead of being amazed by this familiar yet new dance of the beauty and the beast, I was hit with the crossovers of Castle, Beauty and the Beast, Ringer and a crazy twist of Homeland.

Detective Chandler. I thought her storyline was unfolding quite nicely. Her mother was murdered right in front of her, the guys who killed the mother then attempted to kill her. But some dude/ monster, who was later introduced as Vincent Keller, saves Chandler. Years later, we see her as a detective. The first thing I naturally notice is the fact that she is determined. Determined to do her job, to find the killer. And she's got some sweet moves kicking ass but alas, that's about it for her. Everything connected to her mother's case reminds me of Detective Kate Beckett (Castle). Both show the same determination to find their mother's killer and both will be/have been going through hell and back to solve that case. In contrast, Chandler is much more succinct. Her conversation does not involve stories, just the questions in which she was been wanting answers for many years.

Vincent Keller. An ex soldier who was part of a 'supersoldier' program to make a new lot of soldiers superior in strength, sight, smell and hearing. Superiors in this project had all subjects terminated as the program had it's uncontrollable faults. Keller manages to escape and vanish with help from his close friend J.T. Forbes. There isn't much to know about Keller but then again, it seems not much is to be learned from him.

Overall, Beauty and the Beast is a good show to watch but for someone like me, who does not like crossovers - even in print, it is ok. Personally, I wouldn't mind watching it but I also wouldn't mind missing an episode or five.

Watch the pilot and tell me how you like it!

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