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I know I've previously mentioned Howrse before but I feel like I didn't explain what it is. Howrse is an online virtual horse game. You start off with one horse or pony of whatever breed and coat colour you choose. If you choose to go through the tutorial - great for beginners - you will be able to get bonuses. Like immortality for your horse, and items that allow you to pat your horse more than once per day, train your horse faster etc. Your account will age by real days as well as days registered. Days registered are the days you log in and these numbers are what's needed for advancement in the game.

In the beginning of your game, it will seem like there isn't much to do. Persevere through the first 30 days registration and you will find much more options. You can open up an equestrian centre on your 20th day and by the 30th, you can make a reserved or direct sale of horses. There are contests that happen every so often and the current one is "Release the horses!" in which the end prize is a Wind Divine Horse.

Once you get the basics, the game will make more sense and offers a wide range of things to do. With horses you may breed, sell and train. Open your equestrian centre and there are grooms, horse riding instructors, saddlers and farriers to hire; crops to grow; meadows to rotate to keep fertile; competitions to run; boxes to repair and make sure there's enough supplies.

Breeding horses:
Whatever breed you choose, breeding horses have the same technique. Horses can be bred from 2 years 6 months. All horses have a Genetic Potential (GP) that they pass on to the next generation. The higher this number, the better the foals will be in their skills. Breeding two high GP horses will create a better foal. Horses also have a BLUP. This value also attributes to the GP of the foal. To get the best chances of getting the best high GP foal, the BLUP must be above 0. Stallions can offer coverings to mares with a price.

All horses can be trained from the age of 2 years. You do not have to train your horse but doing the training will give the horse a better BLUP and skills.

Different species:
The Black Market Item (BMI) Medusa's Blood will turn your horse into a Pegasus. Your horse will get bonus stamina, speed and dressage as well as wings in your horses image. Pegasi can be bred but their offspring will not have wings. Add the BMI Golden Apple and Helios' Ray and you can customise your horse to look different!
Purebred Spanish Horse Pegasus
Horse after Helios' Ray, Medusa's Blood and Golden Apple
Donkeys can be purchased from auctions or direct sales (after 30 days). Donkeys are slightly different to horses as they can be only bred 3 times in their lifetime. Their skills also generally fall instead of rise.
Unicorns can also be purchased from auctions or direct sales. Unicorns have a dressage bonus and can be bred under specific conditions. To achieve a unicorn foal, both parents must be unicorns of the same breed in addition to the breeding taking place at 08:00 or 20:00 local time (8:00 where ever you are). And to make unicorns more rare, only 1/5 times you breed your unicorn will produce a unicorn foal.
Newfoundland Pony Unicorn (Foal below)
Newfoundland Pony Unicorn foal (Mother above)
Divine horses offer a range of different thing on the game. They are wanted by a lot of players but there is a limit to the amount of them. Some can breed.
Divine horse Moon
Howrse does use real life money for "Passes" which then can purchase BMIs or rare horses.

Overall, Howrse has become pretty addictive to me and I continue to play it when I can. In times when I want to escape reality, this game really distracts me. If you love horses and want something to pass the time, this game does the trick. I recommend it!

Don't become too addicted!

All images belong to Howrse ( PSH pegasus and Moon not on my breeding farms.

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