Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Wall Ahead

Sometimes in life you meet something unavoidable. Something that may be easy or difficult to dismiss. Like my mother for instance. Ever since I was little, she's been making decisions for me. That's probably what a normal mum would do, right? However, while a normal mother would let her child grow up and let her child make their own decisions, my mother doesn't. In a sense it is good, her still looking after me with laundry, cooking etc but it has come to the point where it just annoys the crappers out of me. Some of you may know at my old high school, I had the privilege to choose between an honours program or one of the prestigious schools in my city. Unfortunately when the time came to choose, my kind and wonderful mother made the decision for me. She does not know the sadness I carried throughout the rest of my high school career. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it is true. I did go on with studies but in my mind, there's been a side of me that didn't forget.

Now that high school is complete, university life has started taking it's toll. Along with my mother. "Choose whatever you like," she says. "What do you want to do in life," she says. Well when that time came, she decided for me, yet again. "You'll get no job doing that," she says. "That's a waste of time," she says. So I'm stuck doing a course that I did not choose (but I suppose I don't mind doing) for three years. Yay me!

Now, some of you may be wondering, why on Earth would you keep listening to your mother and let her live your life? Well the answer to that is not simple. If you grew up in my position, you'd understand. Her lectures almost always end up in a fight, with her opponent 100% of the time getting emotionally abused and sometimes physically. Her finger pointing at who to blame for what's gone wrong will likely end up in a lecture, leading up to a fight, with her opponent 100% of the time getting another emotional abuse round. Other times when she is in a "good" mood, she will generally do little things that add up to you being pissed off and if then she sees something that pisses her off, will lead up to a fight and then possibly more emotional abuse. Her wrath is much too powerful to unleash.

But enough about that, if you do come to a wall in your life, just keep going. You will most likely, almost certain hit the wall face first but try again. Eventually the wall will crumble and if it doesn't, don't fret, the ladder and slippery dip will be invented soon.

Head up, strut your stuff,

PS. I will be blogging more than I did last year! :)
PPS. I'm not sure how often that is...

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