Sunday, 5 February 2012

Those Dayum Computers!

Ok, so I had a computer. An old one my dad brought from a friend of a friend. I had a few awesome stories and the script I was working on saved on it. Since that computer was old, it was running out of memory so I started saving things to my massive external disk drive. These things included photos, some stories, school stuff from a couple of years ago and the script of what I had then. Then alas, one day, my computer couldn't wake up from it's sleep over night. My old friend simply couldn't take anymore after about seven rounds of my visiting grandparents (they stayed for a year) pulling the plug out  (to save electricity) because they don't understand the concept of the power saving mode.

So then my dad, the try-anything handy man, tore apart my computer and my sisters' old computer. Note: my sister flicked a red switch on the back of her computer and consequently blew the power thing up. Back to my dad, it turned out that he fixed up the computers so that my sisters' worked again and mine was missing some parts. To make matters better (that was supposed to be sarcastic) my sis, typical of her, had put a password on it and over the year she didn't use it, she forgot it. Now, my family just isn't the computer genius type. I'm the one with the most experience with computers in the family. So does anyone out there know anything about getting into a computer with a forgotten password??
So I ended up having no computer for a week, and the week we start school. My sis is like one of those people who guard their stuff and doesn't let anyone borrow thing but she'll take your belonging without asking. I then had a few mad teachers when they found out I didn't do the homework. =="

Eventually, my dad got the sense to buy a brand new computer for me and then it hit me two days later, when I plugged the external drive in, that not all of my data got transferred to the external drive. So my notes for the script, on onenote, was left on the old, broken computer, which then dad had disposed near his work at some sort of bin.
So, if anyone out there finds a relatively old silver Microsoft xp computer, or they can retrieve the data and send them to me, I'm not sure what brand the computer is with part/s missing inside, in Australia please send me a message. I really want those notes back. The notes are several pages long and it will be a massive bother to write them again.

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