Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Life As It Is

Well... It's been like half a year that I haven't blogged... Wow, and how my life has changed. These days it's all about the future. What we plan to do and achieve in life.

It seems to me that everyone has already planned their lives from what they plan to do next year to what university they want to go to. Me, on the other hand, I seem like the odd one out. I have no idea what I want to do and my parents aren't making it easier. Rah rah rah, blah blah blah. It's not that I don't care. I do. Truly. But they want me do be what they call "acceptable" careers. Like doctors, pharmacists, dentists, you get the flow. But I don't want that. I still don't know what I want to do but I want something that differs from day to day... or maybe week to week and something that I enjoy. I don't know... I'll have to think about that...

Oh, and school. My dear school. No offense to you, my dear, but I hope I will not see you again for a while. A long while. Wow. I have realised how this school has changed me in 2 years. Heaps. Before I was an innocent child, one who loved coming to school, cared very much for my friends and they too cared back. Now, I realise that there are people aren't always who they appear to be. They will pretend to be a friend, only to burn your trust when you find out what they have done. All those memories you had with them doesn't change who they are now. You think to yourself, where they really your friend back then? Then you find out that they told lies about you. They made others think that you are a horrible person. One who betrays trust and a loud mouth. Only then you realise who they really are.

Then there are the happy memories. Memories that will stay with you until your last breath. Time with true friends bring light into your world. The little things they do makes the world a better place to live. Trust me, I've been on both sides. I have been the one betrayed, I've seen the darkness and through that darkness found a torch then a floodlight. Then, I've been a firefly, bringing light and leading the way to sunny days. Those really bad jokes do bring smiles around the world.

In the past few weeks, I have found my love for writing. Anything. I find it keeps my mind off what I want to avoid or just writing for fun.What's annoying is that every time I get a feeling of wanting to write, it's in the middle of exams. :(  Talk about bad timing! Even worse is, when I come to write for English class, I've got writer's block. Lovely.
I've started on a few stories, writing when I'm in the mood. For the first time, I've started on a script. So far it's going well, but I have to say, it's not going to be performed anytime soon...

Yep, my life is crazy right now...

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