Friday, 15 April 2011


Hey it's the holidays again! Last week of school was terrible. The worst week of my school life.

For the last 3-ish weeks I have been panicking about my art assignment. Not the written tasks but the actual works of art. We had tonnes of work to do and well lets just say the teacher didn't tell us everything we needed to do until the last week. But the other art classes were furtherer behind so in a way, my teacher kept the class organised. On thurs, i found out that Ms D was leaving us. :( She is the nicest art teacher EVER. My yr 8 teacher was mean and she never let us do anything we wanted to do. Aparrently M's teacher this year is like that... I hope I don't get another nasty teacher.

Well yeahh, i panicked about the assignment and i had to take pics of all the artwork we had produced. I was a little behind on that...

English. The draft was due but I had writers block so i was stuck. :( Briefing reports!

Chemistry. On the last day, a kid in the class asked the teacher when we will be getting our assignments. In the last 2minutes. So he went to his staffroom and found 3 copies. The rest of us had to get the task at lunch.

So on the last day of school, I ate nothing except breakfast. Morning tea I was trying to find a IT guy to help with my animation. What a waste of time. They wern't helping anyone (no idea why). Lunch was spent running to my chem teachers staffroom then getting yelled at by a random teacher because "class just finished a second ago" and to be patient. My teacher, after 15 miutes, turned up. Then I ran with V to the other campus to finish my art assessment pics. Stupid phone wouldn't let me transferr the pictures form the phone to the computer. *rage* So then I had to take a video of my phone going through the pics on slideshow. That was too slow so then i had to flick through them. This casued a lot of blury-ness and i had to start over 3 times because the video only showed the reflection. By the time i had submitted my pics it was 2.12. Not good. I was on the bottom campus when my class was on the top and not only that, I was suppossed to be on the 3rd floor of E block 2 minutes ago! Vikky was in the 4th floor of A block, the furtherest block from where we were. So we ran. All the way.

But after all of that, I am relieved!

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