Monday, 21 March 2011


Wow i haven't blogged in a long time, again. Right now i've got so many assessments it's not funny.
This week:
maths exam
art essay due
chemistry exam
french listening exam
art sculpture due

Next week:
French speaking test
art exploration or sceanary due
biology exam

and maybe some other stuff i've forgotten about =="

Still addicted to Howrse. XD I (L) my Howrses!
Purebred Spanish Horses (though not purebred) o.O
Friesians (not purebred)
Quarter Horses (purebred)
Shetland Pony (purebred)

But right now i have ta study. :(
In between I play Howrse!

I when i started playing my first brought horse, a mare named Merry, was a crossbred cuz her dam was 1/2 Spanish horse 1/2 Arabian. Wahh! I thought it was possible to breed the Arabian out of the bloodline! Aparrently not. Bummer! And because of what i thought before i found that out, I brought a female cross Friesian, Nikadarkness. She has some Paint Horse, Quarter Pony, Shetland, Friesian and Hanoverian. :(

Oh well. Merry gave birth to Sylvia and OMGn. Wow. Sylvia has 21 stars! Happy XD! Now Sylvia has two foals, Francois and Amelie. Both are totally awesome at 30 stars.

Currently on Howrse I will be training only my Purebred Spanish Horses, not purebred ones =="
Going to start a line on purebred Purebred Spanish Horses and Friesians... soon... or maybe not that soon...

AHHH... i really am that addicted!
Ok i think i'll be getting on to my skool work now...

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