Wednesday, 15 December 2010

so wat's up?

holidays again but his time i have to help my parents with their stuff. so ARG. i got Last Sacrifice !!!! YAY!!! i've been waiting for like a whole month for it!!! yay! well i haven't exactly finished it but so far the sorty os not too bad. I thought Spirit Bound was way better though. You know, spirit bound made me almost cry... no book has made me so emotional before... it was weird... Oh and i still want to get Vanish... saving up for that... oh yeah my hols...

ok so i've been helping my parents and in my spare time i have been facebooking and downloading... OH YEAH!! i got season 2 of CASTLE!!! YAY!!! i've been watching castle for almost the whole hols so far... sooo good... last episode is sad... and i've watched up to episode 10, season 3 on youtube! thanks ScarletNightWatchman for uploading them!! hehehehe!

on my first week of hols i searched up pokemon crater and found Pokemon Battle Arena aka PBA. it is AWESOME! but gets boring sometimes... My first pokemon, a Charmander is currently lvl 52 and my highest lvl pokemon is Rapidash at 61. i finally got over 60! but my other pokemon are not as good...  :( and training them is getting rather boring...

if  i'm not on PBA then i'm on sims2! i'm trying to make sims from real people... fail... so now i design houses... most of them are rectangular but i'm improving!

wat else... oh yes, i'm going to shanghai on the 23rd! YAY!
and that is all from me...

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