Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Start of Semester 2

well i started term 3 and it's week 5-ish now. i haven't been blogging in ages!

i didn't get the teachers i hoped for (as usual). the set out for the timetable is the same; english replaces ancient history, IPT replaces english, and others i forgot...

well i've been "addicted" to sims 2 double deluxe lately. it's AWESOME!!! (cause i've been playing sims 1 and recently got sims 2). One of my sims looks like the guy off the red meat ad, i made him and then i noticed...

OMG! on animal crossing Truffles left!! :( she was there when i started the game!!! now there's only Teddy.

and umm...i'm going to play the sims now... cheerio! Au Revoir!

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