Tuesday, 12 November 2013

End of year one

Well it's nearing the end of the year again. What a semester these past 15 weeks have been. One more exam left until I have officially finished my first year of university. Not that long ago I remember leaving my high school life, friends and schedule and starting my university education. Now look at me! After 30 weeks of Anatomy and Physiology, learning the basics of communication, development and clinical skills I have come out rather unscathed into a world that no longer looks as simple as I once thought.

Watching medical dramas are no longer fun but full of critical analysis of how procedures and the environment looks around the patient and staff of the health care facility. Watching a particular scene shot with a patient sleeping in bed is no longer, "Oh look how peaceful he looks!" or "Oh he's asleep, maybe the doctor will come back later to tell him the news.". It's now "Dang, that is the worst bed making I've ever seen in my life!". Listening to doctors talk about a patient's recent heart attack is no longer, "What did they say?" or "Myo- what?" but now like, "Was that an NSTEMI or STEMI? How are his vital signs now?".

Oh how I've changed over the past uni year. And that one exam left... I'm not sure if I feel completely confident with it... I mean, Medications and Safe Administration is a pretty big topic to absorb. Especially with all the rules and regulations.

I've been on my first placement this year. I was sent to a hospital instead of the usual nursing home. I have to say, I had a great experience and I wish it were longer. To those heading out soon, good luck and enjoy it while you can!

Keep it up for a few more uni days!

Ps. It's come to my attention some images I've placed in my previous posts don't show up properly... Sorry about that, I'll try get it sorted as soon as I can. I know you guys love the pics!

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