Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter break!

I've finished week 5! Whoo~ Easter break, here I come!

This week was better than expected. I was sort of dreading this week because of my two additional classes in my schedule but I rather enjoyed it! I kind of wish I could restart this week to do my chem lab again. Man, that was fun! And... maybe I shouldn't have skipped my Tuesday lecture... But I took the opportunity to see a friend I haven't seen in years which was great! Oh, and I hear whispers that one of my closest friends, who lives down south at the moment, is getting married soon! From what I hear, since she's keeping it hush hush at the moment, the date isn't set yet but she wants it to be held before the end of the year. I am so excited! She's the first one of my high school group members to get married!

My first class this week was a chemistry lab and we were working with chemicals that I hadn't used before so I thought that I was going to, well, blow it up. In addition to that, I didn't have a lab partner because the previous lab we were placed with someone as we walked into the lab room. It turned out that my partner from that lab already had another partner and this week they partnered up. I was very fortunate to have been partnered up with Brittany! We were both nervous about the experiments and we ended up making each other laugh. Mostly making fun at how hopelessly inexperienced we were at chemistry, or rather, how we freaked out about breaking glass and spilling chemicals. A section of the lab required us to individually titrate and find out the molarity of the unknown substance. Brittany started her first titration before I did and she was letting the acid run too fast through the burette which caused the indicator change to an acidic colour. As she found the approximate amount of acid needed, I was able to pinpoint the turning point for my first titration and my subsequent ones. Indicator-wise, I manage to get two nice ones and 1 near perfect colours. When the demonstrator revealed the molarity, I was 0.00072M off!

My second lab was biology and we were looking at garlic and chive root cells for cell division. Again, with this lab I didn't have a partner, this time because I chose not to be with my group from the previous lab. Thankfully Alex and Ty joined me at the bench I was sitting at! So we prepared the slides and it turned out our garlic root was all folded up and rather compacted - well, screwed up is a better word. It did not look like it should and we could barely see the cells at all, let alone mitotic cells! The chive slide was better but for some reason the chive root we had cut had already been cut by a previous group (I assume because they didn't listen to the demonstrator saying "Chuck out the root you used so the next group doesn't use a useless root") so we got a clean slice instead of a growing root. For those who don't do biology or have no experience with how roots grow, the part where the root shows cell division is just before the root cap, at the end of the root. We had to use the pre-prepared slides to get our images.

My final class for this week was an hour long chemistry tutorial class and it was my only class for the day. Before my class I was trying to deal with mum's bank issue, sort out some issues with the Superannuation company, deal with emails from various people and help out my dad with his computer issues at the same time so I ended up for getting a few things... My pencil case (which I had placed at my computer when I was getting my USB out), my water bottle (which I had left in the fridge), my phone (which I had left at by bedside table since I use it as an alarm) and most unfortunately I had brought the wrong worksheet! Oh and in addition to that, I accidentally left my tablet with wifi on since I used it the day before so I had 20% battery to write my notes for that hour. Do you know how hard it is to write chemistry on a tablet which has a keyboard 1/2 the size you're used to? (Since I prefer my PC). I literally was using three fingers and lagging behind the class! What a day that was!

I hope you had a wonderful week, I may or may not post next week since I have a break and I want to take a mini vacation but at the same time... I have 3 exams and an assignment I have to deal with when I come back...
Happy Easter!
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