Saturday, 21 February 2015

Returning to the place it started? Not really...

It's nearly time for the end of my holidays and the beginning of university...again. Well this time it's different. Once again, I will be sitting in mostly the same classrooms and once again I will have basically the same schedule in my first year of uni. And, of course I will once again be classed as a first year.

This year my younger sister will also start university at a different school. Now that feels weird. She'll be starting a lab science course while I will be starting a science course. She starts next week for her orientation whereas I start the week after. It feels really... strange yet I'm at peace with it... most of my friends are graduating the course we started the year after we left high school but I'm starting out this year all over. I know some would say, "Then why did you quit?". For many reasons and it's mostly down to the bad experience I had with various staff members. On the other hand, there were great staff members who I adored working with but unfortunately the experience I had with those other staff members had completely ruined it for me.

Another negative is that my strict parents don't know I'm starting my new course this year. After years of arguing about my future and almost disowning me because I told them I wanted to work with animals, I feel it isn't worth it. They would absolutely metaphorically kill me. Oh, and not to mention I kind of fear what they would literally do... After my childhood, you really wouldn't know.
On that same note... I feel almost jealous that a friend of a friend of a friend has been on prac at a zoo down south. I mean, I do wish I were in her place but at the same time... we could have been working together!

You want to know another negative? Yeah there's plenty more but I'm only putting a few. I'm not sure I want to do the course I've been accepted and enrolled into. Heck, I don't even know what I can do with this degree. Remember how my strict parents don't know I'm starting this year? Well to keep this up, I have to choose a course within my uni and the only course I could stand to face to do was science. And I already basically dislike this course. What I really really really wanted to do was attend another uni around an hour and a half away from where I live and enrol into applied science or science majoring in equine science (or around 3 other majors!).

Now that I've put my major roadblocks and a lot of negatives on this post, enjoy (while I also enjoy) some positives of my rather distant future.

Clydesdales. One of my favourite breeds. 
Shetland Ponies :D

Another Clydesdale horse. With her FOAL. Funny story... This was one
of two images of this breed that got me obsessed with Clydesdales
back in 2007.
God I love Friesians! Yeah, you can tell I love
horses with long hair!

Red Pandas! 
Boer goats!
Boer goat kids!

-sigh- I'm stuck with this for at least another year.

Images on this post are not my own.

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