Thursday, 7 March 2013


OMG *loud groan* Do you know how hard it is to wake up at 5:40AM and get ready for a tutorial? Man, I swear it took me like 20mins to get changed because I was so sleepy! :\ Heck, my lecturer has organised for another teacher to be on Thursday morning duties as 'she can't make it'. Just brilliant. So, what lesson did I go to? Effective Communication. Damn, what a class that is! As the course name suggests, you learn to communicate effectively.

We started off with an introduction to the person next to us and then proceeded to introduce our neighbour to the entire class of ~30 people. The teacher then introduced herself and we, as a class, found out she is pretty blunt and direct. She was going on about personal space and giving us examples of when we needed to use succinct dialogue. And she gave a speech about us students getting used to talking about topics not deemed appropriate for the dinner table. Like examining poop and urine. And 'sticking things where they shouldn't go' OH and I can't forget 'fining holes where you didn't know existed'. She was VERY direct with those.

And... not to mention the homework. In the next couple of weeks we're supposed to go up to her and tell her what we think her weight is and what makes her 'special' (in terms of unique). Going to be a little awkward but I think I have an idea on what the answer is to both questions. I hope she isn't offended! :\

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