Sunday, 11 July 2010


well, the hols r almost ova and skool starts on tues. damn... i just got used 2 them... not really...

Mon - stayed at my parents shop, sort of helping...
Tue - Dentist, they stuk a needle in my mouth (it hurt)
Wed - movies!!! k, m, my sis and i saw toy story 3 in 3D. m cried at the end.
Thur - movies, again!!! k, n, n's friend, n's sis and i saw Eclipse. I laughed at random scenes that weren't funny...and said that bella was k and edward was anthony in the kissing scenes (wich kracked up n and sort of k)
Fri - rosie's house! we raced on mario kart the whole time. and we also went to garbo , where i brought Sims 2 double deluxe
Sat - helped mum. that was the last day of old macdonald's travelling farm! the baby lambs/ goats r so cute! but i have a funny feeling they'll be bsk nxt hols (hope so!)
Sun - Sunnybank and garbo, shopping
Mon - helped mum
Tue - helped mum
Wed - nothing, which consists of playing on the DS
Thurs - nothing. omg! that was the first time i've watched Glee since season was the final (==") but really memorable!!! apparently it is already nominated for like 15 awards (not sure of the number). Quinn had her baby and sue blackmailed the principal for another yr of glee. the songs r so awesome!!!
Fri - nothing
Sat - the start of north shore *humph* dude, like so many people have dropped out of my class and the other yr 10 class and my sis's yr 8 class...the grumpy old english teacher actually was nice yesterday!
Sun - Sunnybank for lunch

so yeah, my whole hols...pretty boring, exept for the first week...
oh and i can't wait for skool 2 start (sort of) to get my new timetable!!! i'll miss my english and biology teachers, they were so nice! i hope i get them nxt yr.
piglet sleeping on sleeping baby goat...awkward much

the youngest goat, cute!


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