Friday, 29 January 2010


OMG! Mum didn't allow me to go on the computer since the first day of skool :(

So catching up:
On Thursday was my first day, 1/2 the day wad things like getting to know each other (verticle form) and then we go to our usual class. I had biology and we talked sbout cells wich was boring since i've already done that stuff. Then was Ancient History and OMFG man they were talking about stuff that I had NO IDEA! Then I had to pick up my sis and go th the restraunt and do homework...

Today was my 1st full day. Form was boring, the usual. After was english and the teacher went on and on about our whole year and assessments. Then came morning tea. I spent the whole break trying to find my sis to show her a fail she didn't turn up until the end of the break but by that time I had to cross back over to get to my own class which was Chemistry. This teacher spent the whole lesson talking about the periodic table.

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