Saturday, 30 January 2010

Another Day

I want this puppy!!!

Well wats goin on? Mum spotted me on the computer then basically kicked me off. So finishing the blog from yesterday…

Straight after was French and as soon as the teacher walked in she spoke full on French, and this was French Beginning!!! V’s in my class! YAY! I was so happy to find that out ‘cause just a few hours before I heard that she was actually in the skool!! So happy she moved skool!!! Anyways back to skool… V came with C and I to the canteen then back 2 D block. After lunch was Maths. My teacher spent the whole lesson talking about grades and taking the right subjects before university L .Then skool was finished and I met my sis and went bak 2 the restraunt. The end of that day…

Today was spent at North Shore from 12:45 to 5:30. Science was first and that was boring. English followed straight after. C and A sat with me. We basically spent the whole lesson and Maths talking and laughing at the jokes made by J and some other random dude. When that finished C was hungry so we shared a packet of chips. ½ an hour passed in the time my sis finished and we went home. Mum made me finish my science homework.

Tomorrow I have 2 finish my maths and english homework or else I can't go on the computer...
so yeah
hope you had a better day,

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